We hope some of these answers can help shed light on some common questions!

  1. What is Bouldering?

    Bouldering is rock climbing stripped down to its purest form. Climbers only need their climbing shoes and chalk to get started. Forget the harness, rope, and other complicated and expensive gear. Bouldering is simple, yet complex at the same time as climbs are short and intense. We are sure you will find a fun challenge that involves problem solving, strength, technique, flexibility, and persistence.

  2. How are the boulder problems graded?

    We will be setting problems using our very own Boulder Movement Scale, which starts from 1 all the way up to 25. If you’re more familiar with the V scale, it’s from V0 to V10 on walls ranging from slab to 40 degrees overhanging and 60% of these problems will be V3 and above in difficulty! If you caught nothing of what we just said, don’t worry! It simply means we have everything — from someone who has not climbed before to problems that will challenge even the best climbers out there.

  3. How often are the boulder problems refreshed?

    We will also be refreshing our problems regularly (at least 8 new problems every fortnight) to ensure you always have a new challenge. Our Moon Board with over 9000 problems will feature problems up to V13! 😉

  4. When will Boulder Movement be opened?

    We are officially opened from 27 August 2017. Do check our Facebook page for the latest news!
  5. How does a fitness zone help me?

    We think that strength conditioning will complement climbing and help you achieve a better version of you. Climbing tends to heavily work muscle groups that pull, and we wouldn’t want to forget about those push muscles! With a well-equipped fitness zone, we hope our community will not just grow stronger as climbers, but as people.
  6. What classes will you have?

    • For first-timers who’ve never been to Boulder Movement:
      • You get a choice of attending a trial session for Basics of Bouldering or High-Intensity-Interval-Training (HIIT) via Climbing, book here now!
    • For BM Citizens and Class Pass holders these are the range of classes which you can book here:
      • Fundamentals of Bouldering Classes
      • Intermediate Bouldering Techniques Classes (launching real soon!)
      • General Fitness Classes which include improving your flexibility and mobility, and strength building
  7. What is an Entry Pass? Are there any expiry dates?

    An Entry Pass grants you access to Boulder Movement for 1 business day. You are free to use all our facilities and get a great workout! A 5x / 10x Entry Pass is valid for 3 / 6 months respectively from the date of purchase.

  8. What is a Class Pass? Are there any expiry dates?

    A Class Pass allows you to attend a guided lesson with an instructor. Each class will be between 45 minutes to 1 hour, depending on the class type. Class Pass users can attend the class and then proceed to use the facility thereafter (like an Entry Pass). Free rental of climbing shoes are provided for classes that require them. A 5x / 10x Class Pass is valid for 3 / 6 months respectively from the date of purchase.

  9. Why should I become a Boulder Movement Citizen?

    Becoming a Citizen is as the name implies, you are joining a community and playing a part in this movement. You will have unlimited entries and can take as many classes as you want! Citizens also get to enjoy comforts such as having your climbing shoes taken care of at the end of every session and a luxurious bath towel so that you are refreshed after a great workout. We look forward to having you with us!
  10. What is a climbing shoe concierge service that BM Citizens enjoy?

    We will wipe down your climbing shoe, spray the interior with a disinfectant, then store your shoes for you at our reception counter. You can request for your shoe the next time you visit so that you have one less item to carry!
  11. Why do I need to pay for an initiation fee upon signing up as a BM Citizen?

    The initiation fee will help us to cover the one-off costs associated with setting up the membership and monthly debiting arrangements.
  12. Are there any terms and conditions I should be aware of in the BM Citizen membership contract?

    1. The BM Citizenship is a 12-month contract. You cannot cancel your membership during this period, unless there is a valid reason, which is subject to a case-by-case approval.
    2. There is a $100 cancellation fee if the membership is cancelled within the 12-month period.
    3. Alternatively, you can find someone who would like to take over your contract, and continue it through to the full 12 months. We will charge a $50 admin transfer fee to create a new membership card, account, payment method and contract for him/her.
    4. An administrative charge of $20 will be levied for late payments.
    5. After the BM Citizenship expires at the end of the 12-month contract, your membership will automatically renew at the initial signing rate. Under such circumstances, the monthly auto-pay will continue to be payable regardless of whether you use the facility. You can terminate your membership after the 12-month contract at zero cost.
    6. If you wish to freeze your membership, Boulder Movement will levy a $30 administrative charge to freeze the membership for any period, up to a maximum of 2 months. The membership contract will be extended accordingly by the same duration. There is a minimum period of 2 months between each freeze.