Personal Training

Personal Training

Have goals but not sure where to start?

Your goals are important to us. It is our passion to help you on your journey for progress and we would love to find out more from you!

Personal training services include

  • Bouldering technique coaching
  • Strength and mobility conditioning for bouldering

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Hariss, is a part time student and busy professional. He needed a program to improve his climbing technique and confidence on the wall. He also had a slipped disc. After 24 sessions of climbing personal training with Boulder Movement, he became stronger and gained more confidence. He’s now not afraid to try harder grade problems.
I am thankful for the experience with Garrett as over the course of training with him, I not only grew in strength but also confidence in my personal abilities. It was also nice to know that Garrett has also had his fair share of hardships on his own journey of personal wellness and makes him more relatable. His experiences also proved that if he can do it, then I can too!
Michael, is a busy professional. He had doubts when trying hard boulder problems which are complex. But with the help of Boulder Movement’s effective climbing personal training system, he managed to climb harder grade problems with more confidence. He managed to do this while juggling his hectic schedule.
I have learned a lot under Garrett’s guidance. It was a progressive journey where he helped me build a strong physical foundation for key elements required in climbing, such as flexibility and strength before giving me more climbing specific training. I could see a near-immediate effect on how these elements enabled me to climb better, which dispelled my doubt in my abilities. Over the course of the training, it has also made me more mentally focused and confident in taking on challenges on and off the wall.
Thomas, is a busy professional and father. He was concerned about the cost to benefit ratio of climbing personal training as compared to attending classes. After 12 sessions of climbing personal training with Boulder Movement, he learned new climbing techniques while he got stronger on the wall and lost 3kgs. On top of that, he also understood his body better.
Garrett is an excellent trainer with good knowledge and experience. He is particularly creative when it comes to introducing new exercises each time to keep it interesting and develop strength in specific parts of the body. I would highly recommend this anyone looking to develop their climbing from a beginner to intermediate level, or just to anyone who wants to have some really good one to one personal training.