Boulder Movement (BM) has numerous classes that you can book online either on our website or from our very own mobile app!*

If you are a BM Citizen or a Class Passes holder, you can sign up for our bouldering technique classes such as ‘Fundamentals of Bouldering 1’ and ‘Fundamentals of Bouldering 2’ to build on your foundations. If you would like to progress further, you can level up through ‘Intermediate Bouldering 1’, ‘Intermediate Bouldering 2’ and ‘Intermediate Bouldering 3’ (coming soon).

Of course, it is important to put what you’ve learned into practice. Can’t quite figure out the boulder problems in BM Grade 4~9 range yet? ‘Boulder with Us (Fundamentals)’ will give you the guidance that you need as our Instructors work through the boulder problems with you. If you’re working on boulder problems in BM Grade 10~15 range, our ‘Boulder with Us (Intermediate)’ Instructors will give you valuable tips on how you can execute an efficient ascend on numerous boulder problems.

Aside from bouldering technique classes, we have progressive fitness classes to complement your climbing experience! If you’re looking to improve your mobility and strength while working on your Fundamental bouldering techniques, we have ‘Mobility for Bouldering (Fundamentals)’ and ‘Strength for Bouldering (Fundamentals)’. If you’d like to build your mobility and strength for Intermediate bouldering techniques, our ‘Mobility for Bouldering (Intermediate)’ and ‘Strength for Bouldering (Intermediate)’ classes will give you the lift that you need.

Running short of time? Sign your name up to our ‘High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) for Bouldering’ for that quick adrenaline rush to liven up your day. All you need is 30 minutes to get your full body workout in and get some climbing done.

For the first-timers to BM and have never tried climbing before, you can grab a paid trial session – ‘Basics of Bouldering (BoB)’. Try something new today, yes?

All of these classes are crafted and tested by Team BM with the intention of helping you climb to a better you! What are you waiting for? Join the movement NOW.

*Download our app to make your booking:

Apple Store: BoulderM

Google Play Store: Boulder Movement